10 Body Language Hacks To Project Leadership

You may be a senior-level executive, an innovative entrepreneur, or a respected expert in your field — but when you are on camera, do you know how to project leadership presence?

Sylvia Gorajek is a Video Strategist and Executive Producer helping Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley tech startups narrate their stories with impact. I was honored to add my expertise in body language and leadership presence to her expertise in interviewing and producing video commercials. Here are our ten hacks to project leadership presence on video:

1. Sylvia Gorajek: Keep laser-focused eye contact. Whether you’re looking into the camera or at an interviewer, by no means let your eyes wander. While in general it’s OK to occasionally look around, it’s a definite no-no for leaders. You have to be sharp in delivering your message. The more you keep your eyes focused, the more you’ll appear principal, knowledgeable and confident. This will also keep viewers’ attention.

2. Carol Kinsey Goman: Dress for success. It takes less than seven seconds for people to make judgments about your confidence, competence, professional status, and warmth. While a face-to-face meeting gives you added opportunities to project presence — by the way you enter the meeting room, shake hands, etc.

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