10 CMD commands that can be executed with PowerShell

PowerShell is Microsoft’s own alternative to their own Command Prompt. Earlier, Microsoft announced that they will be open sourcing PowerShell and will be bringing it to recent versions and different Linux flavors like Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSUSE, Fedora and macOS. They also released PowerShell Core which offered far more features than the earlier edition of Powershell that was shipped along with Windows. As a whole, it was built of System Administrators and somewhere inside; it was meant to become an alternative the Command Prompt. And with this cross-platform expansion of PowerShell, the users will gain benefits to work on different operating systems and environments.

Along the years, PowerShell has been worked on and upgraded to support more cmdlets or PowerShell commands just to enable it to be flexible enough to manage a variety of tasks. For those organizations that run Windows-only software and services, Microsoft has been building their services like Windows Server, Azure Active Directory, and Exchange to be able to be managed by using PowerShell. This tends to better usage of the services rather than using GUI based configuration managers that helps in saving a lot of logistical costs in the long term.

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