10 skills for digital leadership

Leadership is the common denominator of the firms that have great technology and the single most important differentiator between the leading firms and the rest of the pack. Digital transformation requires these skills, and the firms and the clients that don’t have them will struggle. Most firms want to stay competitive and enhance the client experience. Firms also need to sustain margins and be future-ready to make the necessary investments in talent and technology.

The 10 skills that will position you and your firm for the future while sustaining the success of the firm and its clients are described below. Let’s briefly review each and understand the meaning and context of the skill as it applies to an accounting firm. By the way, these skills also apply to your clients and provide significant opportunities for advisory and consulting services.

This is where growth is occurring in the profession.

  • Vision. What does the firm want to be, do, have, experience and create? What is your personal vision? It is difficult, if not impossible, to succeed without a defined vision, strategic plan, and an IT strategy to support the vision and plan. Visioning and planning are not only the responsibility of the CEO but also of other firm leaders. This reinforces the fact that IT needs a seat at the management table in today’s environment.

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