10 things 5G can do that 4G can’t

From the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and beyond, the first 5G phones are now here.

Alongside them, the first 5G networks are finally being switched on – albeit only on a small scale so far.If you live somewhere where 5G is available it could be worth signing up, as it’s much faster than 4G, offering lower latency and lots of other benefits besides speedy connections.

It’s the next generation of mobile technology, set to leave 4G in the past, thanks to faster downloads, smoother streaming and more. But it’s not just speed that it has on its side, it will also open up whole new use cases that just weren’t possible or practical on 4G.

Some of the best uses for 5G may not even have been thought up yet, but for ten exciting ones that we already know about, read on.

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