10 Tips On How To Successfully Market A Book

Many business people write books. However, very few books are actually successful. In a pre-Amazon era, publishers would invest in marketing to help improve the odds of success. Today, however, authors are largely responsible for the marketing of their own books. With very few authors able to sell more than 1000 books, I reached out to a colleague at the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia), Ed Hess, to find out how to create success through marketing. Hess is the author of 12 books, focused on growth, innovation, and learning; his book, Smart Growth, was named a Top 25 business book (2010) by Inc., Learn or Die was an Amazon best seller, and his newest best-selling book is Humility is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age. Below, Hess provides 10 tips on how to market a book for success.

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