15 Must-Have Traits In A New Agency Hire

Most agencies maintain that the most essential characteristic of a new hire is creativity. While that is undoubtedly a must-have trait, it’s not the only essential. Working in a creative field requires several qualities, from good listening skills and empathy to resilience and flexibility. The agency industry is competitive, so recruiting versatile talent is a must.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Agency Council chime in on what are the essential, yet often overlooked, traits a potential agency hire should demonstrate to prove that they’re worth a spot on the roster.

1. Common Business Sense
Many people are very talented and creative, but without common sense, the talent is wasted. Designers, as an example, create masterpieces that look amazing, but when the end product is too “designy,” the target customer may not be attracted to it because it’s not functional. Looking nice is only half the battle.

2. An Owner’s Mindset
Agencies are being pushed to deliver more integrated services, which in many cases means doing things for the first time. You need people with a business-owner mentality who can provide unorthodox thinking to solve new challenges. It’s these people who bring creative problem-solving abilities and an unwavering will to win, at any cost.

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