All webinars are available on-demand from the 2019 SWS Spring Webinar Fest. The event offered keynote webinars and several on-demand webinars covering current and innovative storm water and erosion control topics.

The six webinars available include:

“Master Planning for Watershed & Stream Health;”

“Protect Stormwater Channels with 3D Geocell Technology;”

“RUSLE2 – The Long Lost, or Misunderstood, Savior to our Stabilization Questions;”

“Managing a Successful Storm Water Planned Maintenance Program;”

“Urban Green Infrastructure on I-95: The University Research Monitoring Program;” and

“Green Infrastructure Plant Selection.”

“Master Planning for Watershed & Stream Health” was presented by Andrew Earles, vice presidents of Wright Water Engineers Inc., and Anna Campbell, Wright Water Engineers project engineer. The webinar includes three case studies of streams in the Rocky Mountain Region and the ways that local governments, watershed groups, and others are planning and designing infrastructure to minimize the effects of urbanization on streams.

“Protect Stormwater Channels with 3D Geocell Technology” was presented by Samantha Justice, civil engineers for Presto Geosystems. The webinar shows how channels use 3D geocellular confinement technology to protect the chosen infill materials and provide erosion control and resistance to hydraulic conditions.

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