22 Top Websites To Get Writing Gigs In 2019

How can you make decent money as a freelancer if you aren’t a coder or graphic designer? The answer is freelance writing!

If you have a ‘thing for words’ and some skills in digital marketing, there are plenty of companies who may be interested in hiring you to help with content creation. To get started, you just have to find decent paying writing gigs. Granted, there are plenty of places to look for freelance jobs but the noise can get too loud on generalist sites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour. Below is a list of 22 top job boards specific for freelance writers.

1. Clearvoice.com

Clearvoice is a content marketing marketplace, allowing writers to join, create a portfolio/CV and apply to work with brands. You can either participate in group pitches or apply for individual jobs, pitched to you via the platform based on your skills and niche. The great thing about Clearvoice is that you can create a filter for job alerts and only respond to gigs that match your domain expertise and pay rate.

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