3 Common Leadership Mistakes — And How To Avoid Them

Being a good leader is crucial to your team’s success and the advancement of your company. It empowers your team members to produce their best work, and sets the ground for growth and innovation.

While everyone demonstrates leadership differently, good leaders have these things in common:

a. They communicate clearly

b. They delegate confidently

c. They invest in their team

As the VP of Revenue of CircleCI—which allows teams to rapidly build quality projects at scale, Jane Kim oversees many teams to ensure that the company delivers on its mission: give people everywhere the power to build and deliver software at high levels of speed. Jane has seen firsthand the power of good leadership. From keeping team morale high to inspiring every single team member, good leadership is the key to moving a company forward.

It took a few mistakes along the way to learn these lessons, and here Jane shares her early mistakes, to help managers on their leadership journey.

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