3 Essential Skills That Will Help You Succeed In A Much Bigger Way

Last night over dinner, my friend—relationship and couples therapist Yamel Corcoll-Iglesias and I were sharing our views about essential life skills we believe people need to thrive in life and work. We compared our different perspectives about what we’ve seen through our years of working with people in pain and conflict—people who are not succeeding in their goals, and are, in fact, heading down a path of despair and self-destruction and will continue to do so unless significant changes are made.

And on the flip side, we talked about behaviors and mindsets that help people achieve the success and fulfillment they long for.

In my own life, I’ve seen clearly that without certain key life skills, things tend to go very badly. Our progress gets thwarted and we don’t seem capable of building positive experiences or achieving our happiest goals, despite all our (conscious) efforts.

Yamel’s years of expertise in helping people overcome their “relational handicaps” give her a unique lens into how these handicaps form, what sustains them, and what we can do to grow beyond them. (We talk more about those in an upcoming episode of my podcast Finding Brave).

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