3 Tips to Empower your Sales Team, Inspired by Top Sales Organizations

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales have traditionally been two different beasts, relying on two distinct sets of fundamentals and best practices. But times are changing. No longer is B2B sales an insiders’ club. More information is available at buyers’ fingertip, empowering businesses with the same level of access to information as consumers have been privy to for some time.

And the B2B customer journey is happening everywhere, not just in confined showrooms or during traditional business hours, much like the B2C process has operated for several years.

As Salesforce has identified, the marketplace is leveling. B2B sales is having a marked impact on B2B sales, and vice versa. This democratization has led to what Salesforce calls a B2All (Business-to-All) environment. In many ways, B2C sales organizations are leading the way.

Forward-thinking B2C organizations are defying the status quo and building sales organizations that put customers at the forefront and equip salespeople with the tools needed to succeed. B2B companies stand to learn a lot from these organizations. By leveraging similar approaches, they too can catapult their sales organizations to success. Here are three of the most successful B2C sales organization that have refined their strategies in light of the changing marketplace.

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