3 Tips to Help You Find the Vendor of Your Dreams

Early stage startups value efficiency above everything else. Businesses need to evolve quickly and flexibly in the face of an uncertain future, and they need the right tools to succeed. This often causes them to look beyond prepackaged apps. Okta’s 2019 Businesses @ Work report found that 76 percent of the company’s Office 365 customers used additional apps that served the same purpose as ones built into the Microsoft offering.

And Expensify’s 2019 Spend Trends report showed that employees sought out the best collaboration tools if their IT team didn’t provide them.

Prematurely optimizing for scale or features is a startup sin that can harm a business in the long run. “Good enough” technology can save you time when technical platform decisions are needed in hours rather than weeks. Community advice on public and official forums provides faster insight than less timely responses from large enterprises, and early adopters can attract the most unique and progressive engineering talent while future-proofing their businesses. Still, it’s vital to prioritize tech that integrates with existing tools and complements other vendor and open-source packages — and that means planning before partnering with vendors.

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