3 Tips To Optimize Your Intern’s Experience

Great interns typically become hires, but it takes both a manager’s and an employee’s attitude to make an internship successfull. As Bo Goliber, Head of Philanthropy at creative agency Fingerpaint, and her former intern Elyse would say, a great internship relies on both parties coming together to create a memorable, mutually beneficial experience.

“Our intern, Elyse, came up with things that we had never considered,” said Bo Goliber, head of philanthropy at creative agency Fingerpaint. “The team really appreciated the learning on both sides.” Elyse, in turn, not only took away some competitive knowledge, but she also learned how to be part of a team, develop positive working relationships and market herself.

“Although Fingerpaint is the only place I’ve interned, I immediately knew this internship would be different than any other. The interns didn’t fetch coffee for supervisors—we grabbed coffee with them. We didn’t longingly sit at our desks watching people go into conference rooms to have discussions—we sat right next to everyone in those conference rooms as active participants.

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