3 Ways to Turn Your Training/CLE Webinars Into Essential Client Education Sessions

I recently wrote that training and CLE-qualified webinars provide a practical value-add for law firm clients who need to meet specific requirements for internal training or external certification.

Whether you’re teaching HR to respond to new employment regulations, explaining judicial rulings that affect the company to management and leadership, or offering CLE certification to in-house lawyers, you are helping your clients and prospects meet a critical need while sharpening their understanding of key legal and business matters.

What’s more, you are also marketing your knowledge and expertise, particularly when you’re presenting to an audience that may not regularly see your work. (Another good reason to invest in a platform that delivers a polished experience for attendees!)

So how to make your training webinars stand out and keep attendees coming back for more? Here are three ways:

1. Let Your Audience Tell You What They Need
You already know that soliciting input from your target audience is great way to grow your list of potential webinar topics while simultaneously creating opportunities for you to deepen relationships. When planning educational and certification webinars, however, asking targets for guidance isn’t just a good idea, it’s an imperative.

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