4 steps to creating a successful webinar

Let’s face it, we’re all fighting for the ear of the stakeholder and it’s increasingly difficult to stand out amidst the noise from social media, non-stop emails, and all the cold calls. Historically, benefits advisers have been unkind to prospects — making unrealistic promises, blasting cheesy emails, hijacking networking events.
I began hosting webinars for prospects and clients to provide value to those who wanted to listen. I also did it to stop feeling guilty about wasting people’s time, and in turn, wasting my own time. Yes, cold calls, direct mail, and cold emails still work … if you’re lucky. In truth though, value needs to be experienced to be understood. Webinars are a great way to create value for your prospects while also positioning yourself as an expert and luminary in benefits.

Are you interested in taking the plunge and hosting your first webinar, but unsure where to start? After hosting multiple webinars now, I’ve put together four steps to creating a successful webinar.

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