4 steps to help you choose the right career

How do I choose the right career?

I thought I had chosen the right career path, realized it was WRONG, and then went through a process that I WISH I had done sooner! It put me in my dream career with the kind of lifestyle I want. Here is what I did:

Step 1: Figure out what you love

What do you love?

  • Maybe you love numbers, statistics, public speaking, event planning, design, debate, nature…make a list of everything.
  • Ask other people casually what their jobs entail and what they love about them. We are generally not exposed to a lot of the different interests of the working world – so much of our education is focused around primary subjects like math, humanities, and science. So get curious.
  • For me my top 3 interests were Journalism, music, and psychology.Make a list of potential jobs:
    • For psychology I looked into: School psychologist, market researcher, academic researcher, human capital consulting, advertising, sales, therapist, HR/recruiting

    Research the ones that sound interesting to you

    • Search for blogs, article, and job descriptions online to get a sense of the line of work
    • Also how in-demand and fruitful is each career? How much do they get paid? How many openings are there? How competitive is it to get into the industry?

    Step 2: After you have this research, narrow down your list by being honest with yourself about finding the center of the Venn diagram

    Scrutinize each potential path:

    • What you love
    • What you can be the best at
    • What pays well

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