4 Steps To Prepare, Not Plan, For Success

What would happen if the Coyote actually caught the Roadrunner? Does Wile E. Coyote think about what he’ll do after he catches his prey? Could he find excitement, joy or fulfillment after he achieved his goal? Or has chasing the Roadrunner become who he is?

If you are a driven, focused entrepreneur chasing your dreams of success, whatever those may be, there is a relatively good chance you’ll actually catch them. But then what? Have you even planned for that?

When I speak to entrepreneurs about preparing for success, they, understandably expect I’m going talk about the strategies or methods to become more successful. And while I have dedicated most of my career to the pursuit of my business and financial goals, I now try to expose them to the idea that planning to be successful and preparing for success are two very different things.

Like most dedicated entrepreneurs and executives; I had spent my entire life plotting and strategizing how to become successful, but hadn’t practiced or spent a single day preparing for actually being successful.

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