4 Things To Get Right If You Want Career Success

There are more jobs available in the U.S. today than at any other time since 2000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With an average of 241,000 net new jobs being added to the economy each month, the possibilities for employment seem endless. But how can you find the job you want?

Maybe a better question is: If you didn’t need a paycheck, what types of activities would make your life feel complete? Answering this question honestly will also help you unearth your authentic personal brand.

Modern job seekers are often so intent on escaping their current employment situation (or unemployment situation) that they don’t take the time to analyze what they’re looking for in a career or in a life—or what differentiates them from everyone else who performs the same work. A myopic focus on what’s missing—whether that’s more money, a good boss, the right benefits, or some other external factor—often leads people to jump into a situation that turns out to be equally undesirable. When you desperately seek an escape from the negative, you might miss opportunities to think positively about what you really want, and the value you provide to others.

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