5 Important Takeaways From Google’s Two Year Study Of Remote Work

Recently, the folks at Google published their findings from a two year study they conducted on remote work. The company is certainly in a good position to study this, as a full 30% of the meetings held there involve at least two time zones.

The report published, ‘Working Together When We’re Not Together’ had some interesting insights that both remote workers and employers considering a remote arrangement for their teams should know about.

For example, the company found that effectiveness and productivity as a whole were not impacted by remote/distributed work, just as another independent study also proved. However, that doesn’t mean that making a distributed work environment isn’t without its challenges.

In addition to this, Google likely has resources that a less mature tech startup, for example, may not have. Still, the study’s insights are worth a second look.

Below is a quick summary of the key findings and a discussion of how they might apply to the average business.

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