5 Mistakes Intrapreneurs Make When Trying To Change Their Companies

Most  large corporations have entrepreneurial employees who are constantly trying to innovate. As far I am concerned, these are crazy people! They wake up every morning and go to work to swim against the tide. This is insane! And yet, these people exist. Passionate people who are committed to helping their company become more innovative. They can see the future coming and they are committed to ensuring that their company survives in that future.

This passion can sometimes lead intrapreneurs to make mistakes. While their hearts are in the right place, some of the choices they make can lead to counterproductive outcomes. This article identifies five key mistakes I have seen intrapreneurs make.

Lack of Focus: Being an intrapreneur is a very difficult job at the best of times. However, it gets even harder when the intrapreneur is not clear on what their job actually is. Is their job to help launch successful new products in the market? Or is their job to transform the company into an organization that can innovate sustainably? There is always so much to do and intrapreneurs end up doing things that have limited impact. As far as I am concerned, making clear choices will help intrapreneurs focus on what needs to be done.

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