5 Questions to Make Your Case Study Webinar More Memorable

In a recent post, I talked about case-study webinars as a great way to showcase your work, style, and experience. A deep dive into the challenges your client faced and how you helped them resolve those issues, positions you as an effective and strategic problem-solver – for essentially any type of obstacle your clients encounter.

But not all client work lends itself to the case study format. Here are five questions to help you find the perfect representation to feature:

1. Does the problem really matter?
The best case studies feature shared problems that resonate with a majority of your target audience.

Ask yourself if the story you plan to tell really matters to the people you’re trying to reach. If it doesn’t speak to them directly – because they’ve encountered that same issue, because their company is about to meet a similar fate, because they’re in the same industry or geographic region – then they probably won’t make time for a 60-minute webinar on that topic.

Remember: your case study has to be compelling enough for invitees to clear their schedule – skip lunch, postpone a meeting with their boss, stay late at the office – before they sign up

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