5 Simple Ways to Use Webinars to Close More Prospective Coaching Clients

Coaching, whether it’s aimed at helping a business improve sales or helping someone lose weight, is largely dependent on personal relationships. As such, forming strong personal connections during the sales process is essential if you hope to land new clients.

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In a time when technology enables coaches in a wide variety of industries to reach clients around the world, using that technology to form meaningful connections can help generate leads and close prospective sales.

A webinar is a great example: With a webinar, you have a way to put your face in front of prospective coaching clients, no matter where they live. And, from what I’ve seen in my career, it’s also a great way to achieve a more personal connection, even when you aren’t communicating one-on-one, in person.

In fact, webinars may ultimately prove to be one of your most effective closing tools. Here’s how they can help:

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