5 Steps to Decide a Rewarding Career

How often do you meet teenage students looking confused about their choice of career? Quite often is the answer. Let alone students, even parents stand in queues to meet career counsellors to decide an apt career for their children. It becomes imperative to know that the right career option chosen at the right time can help an average student reach the zenith of success. Career decisions should be taken in the following 5 steps.

1. Aptitude and Interest Analysis

Students should be tested on areas like English Language, Reasoning, Mathematics, and General Awareness etc. The need to make frequent reality checks that would help them understand their aptitude is the need of the hour. Many students realise this very late and struggle to plan for their dream job. Another important point is to make them identify their interests with the help of an interesting test. If a child shows interest in managing things and systemising documents, he should be motivated towards Managerial courses. On the other hand, if he shows interest in public speaking and motivating others, he can be a counsellor. The learning years of a child’s life decide his future success and thus, play a pivotal role in shaping his personality.

2. SWOT Analysis

Students must write down their Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats on a piece of paper to decide their career choice. A student can make a table and note down his strengths and opportunities on one side of the table and the weaknesses and threats on the other. The total of strengths and opportunities should be greater than the total of weaknesses and threats. One needs to work on his strengths and weaknesses as they are internal factors and once worked upon, will increase the opportunities and decrease the threats.

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