5 Tips For Turning Customers Into Brand Storytellers

Most companies have their best marketing tool right in front of them, but they don’t use it. When you give your most devoted customers a platform, you create an authentic marketing strategy that immediately builds trust with customers and potential customers.

On a recent flight, I met an executive whose brand of sewing machine has been affectionately nicknamed “the Rolls Royce of sewing machines.” Can you imagine how much money its customers pay for one of their products? And the quality of work that one of these sewing machines allows its customers to create? That work will have to have been made with love, pride and craftsmanship. Talk about a rich mine of stories!

The company draws from this mine through customer videos. In one of them, a customer talks about how, as a child, she would sneakily use her grandmother’s sewing machine when her grandmother was away. Having a longtime emotional connection with the product makes her an ideal brand storyteller!

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