5 Tips To Help You Find Your Passion

Some people are born understanding their passions, but others have to work to find them— and it is overwhelming to consider how to begin. The first step is to start. Below are five tips to help you on your journey to finding work and hobbies you are truly passionate about:

Focus On Yourself

If you focus on pursuing what you are interested in and take care of yourself, you will build a community of people who have similar interests, and whether what you pursue becomes a hobby or your profession, you will have a renewed sense of meaning and accomplishment by filling your time with things you enjoy. Try not to determine what you pursue based on what other people think or what is fashionable— follow your interests.

Convene A Personal Small Council 

 Discuss your considerations with four or five people you admire and trust. It can be informal, but make sure to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, inclinations and ruminations. These meetings can be anything from brainstorming sessions to strategizing how to pursue something in particular. But discuss your ideas and plans with good, smart people who can give you thoughtful feedback.

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