6 Signs You’ve Identified A Game-Changing Business Idea

Have you ever seen a pitch for a product on a show like Shark Tank and thought to yourself, “I had that idea years ago,” only to be left wondering why you didn’t take it to market yourself?

The truth is, great business opportunities are all around us, but in the moment it can be difficult to differentiate a good idea from the bad. It can be tough to figure out whether you should jump on that opportunity you discovered, or write it off as fool’s gold.

Even coming up with a good business idea is one thing, but acting on it is something else entirely. There are plenty of people who, whether because of motivation or inclination, will never take advantage of the business opportunities lying around them.

Roughly 10% of all Americans own their own business—and of those, only a fraction are successful. Many don’t know how to seize the opportunities that come their way.

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