6 Smart Ways To Plan For A More Profitable Future

The three wealthiest families in America are the Waltons, the Mars family, and the Koch brothers. Like them or not, these heirs to significant family fortunes have continued to expand their wealth, rather than resigning to what they already had.

In fact, since 1982, the combined net worth of these three families has grown by more than 6,000%.

Chances are, you’re not an heir or heiress—but you may be able to relate to Justin Forsett and David Roy Newby, two hard-working entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to speak with recently.

During my conversation with Justin Forsett, co-founder and CEO of ShowerPill, I was amazed by his incredible work ethic. Even though Forsett had a successful career as an NFL running back, he still continues to work around the clock to make it as an entrepreneur.

Later after speaking to David Roy Newby, author of Beyond Billions and founder of the Solomon Wisdom Society, I couldn’t help but feel that same drive again. Despite a lucrative career, Newby continues to secure the future financial success of his family. So, how do you plan for a more profitable future despite your first taste of success?

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