6 Warning Signs of Bad Leadership You Should Never Ignore

The effects of bad leadership cause employee turnover and adversely impact organizations all over the world. This is a simple fact.

While people displaying bad leadership traits are generally good people and not inherently evil or out to destroy lives, truth is, they are awfully misplaced in the highly esteemed role of leading other human beings.

Most of the time, I’ve found, bad leadership comes down to some big blind spots. Most people are able to overcome the blind spots that hold them back by raising their self-awareness. The rest is being able to apply what they learned habitually. As a result, they’ll shift.

Blind spots are the Achilles’ heel to achieving someone’s full human leadership potential, and unless people address them, they’ll remain stuck.

For well-intentioned leaders willing to take the bold journey toward personal growth, they need to be mindfully aware of the very reasons people are quitting on their watch. It may be for these six reasons.

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