60% of workers are planning their exit over bad boss

When your best employee quits, they may outwardly give practical reasons. More pay! Bigger responsibilities! Cool perks! But the decision is also likely to be driven by bad personal experiences. In a newly released Randstad US survey of 763 adults, bad bosses, unhealthy office politics, and feeling unvalued and disrespected were top reasons given of why employees quit, or were currently considering it.

Many employees quit bosses more than jobs
Yes, many employees quit for pragmatic reasons like money. The vast majority of respondents — 82% — said they expected pay raises every year to stay with their current employers. But healthy and happy relationships with managers can get an employee to stay even when salaries are low, suggesting that these relationships can be the ultimate dealbreaker. Fifty-eight percent of workers said that they would stay at their job with a lower salary if they could work with a “great boss.”

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