7 Practical Steps to Host Webinars That Drive Sales

If you’re in B2B sales, there’s one channel you can’t ignore: webinars. Half of B2B buyers say webinars are the most valuable form of content in the mid-stages of decision-making. They spend longer with webinars than any other type of content and are more willing to share their contact details in exchange. Whether you’re in products, services, or coaching, webinars can increase your authority as an expert — and ultimately increase your revenue.

Once you have a hosting platform, webinars only cost as much as you want to spend promoting them; so they’re cost-effective. More importantly, they work. For example, at ClickMeeting, our average conversion rate is 54 percent. Webinars have a lot of potential if they are prepared, promoted, and conducted well.

Here are my seven steps to creating a winning webinar.

1. Make the content impactful.
The best webinars educate their audience and provide specific, tangible benefits. For example, don’t just explain how to start a blog — explain “10 ways to drive visitors to your new blog.” Focus on the problem you’re addressing and why. Will blog visitors drive sales and thus financial security? Or will a profitable blog provide the freedom to work from home?

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