7 Resume Mistakes That Sabotage Pharmacists During the Job Search

It’s disappointing to be passed over for a position. It’s even worse to discover that your resume was the problem, especially if the mistakes were avoidable.

Given the knowledge that a single pharmacy position can attract hundreds of applications, you must do everything possible to keep yourself in contention. Candidates should avoid committing the following 7 mistakes on a pharmacy resume:

1. Recycling your resume for multiple positions.

There are no identical pharmacy positions, so there shouldn’t be any identical resumes. Furthermore, if you submit the same resume for different positions, you’ll likely eliminate yourself from consideration.

Hiring managers see enough resumes to be able to quickly identify a generic one. If your resume doesn’t address the specific responsibilities of the job you’re applying for, managers will take note. Rather than drafting a universal resume for multiple jobs, craft one that specifically addresses the job you’re applying for.

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