7 Things Top Candidates Never Say In A Job Interview

For starters, there are a lot of rules out there on what you should do in interviews, but what about what you shouldn’t do? Here are seven things you absolutely should not say in job interviews if you want to increase your chances of securing your dream job offer:

There’s a difference between bragging and exuding genuine confidence. Your goal is to show, not tell. When you tell the interviewer you’re amazing at what you do, you’re assuming they’re going to believe you simply because you said it. Often, they won’t.

But, when you show the interviewer you’re amazing through examples, stories, and accomplishments, you paint a picture that allows them to deduce that you’re amazing at what you do. You give them the opportunity to conclude on their own that you would be beneficial to the team. So the next time you’re asked why you believe you’re the best person for the position, skip the fluff and get to the results you can bring to the table.

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