8 Habits Of Highly Effective Managers

I was interviewing for a management role with four direct reports. While I love developing people, I think the rest of the job could be as fun as learning Mandarin  (which is widely known as the hardest language to learn).One night I sent a text to a friend asking how I would know if I’d enjoy it? His response, “You don’t.”

Being that managing our toddlers at home didn’t exactly transfer over as “experience,” I picked up a copy of a book titled, The Making of a Managerby Julie Zhuo. I had to figure out if people management is something I’d enjoy and pretend to know that I knew the fundamentals of being a manager to get through the interviews

For context, Julie Zhuo is the VP of Design at Facebook. While she is now one of Silicon Valley’s top product design executives, she started her career as the company’s first intern when the social network was exclusively available to prestige educational institutions.

Julie became a rookie manager at 25 where she felt unprepared for the job. She has written a handbook for new managers that includes everything from helping people understand if management is the right role for them,  to tips on how to build great teams, have stellar meetings, and perhaps most importantly – advice on how to manage yourself.

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