9 Technical Skills You Can Learn over the Weekend

Many entrepreneurs specialize in the business and relationship aspects of building a company. However, it’s becoming more important to be invested in the technical aspects of your business. Whether you’re building a company from the ground up or want to be a more active player in your current role, understanding the technical tools and details that make your company run can be a major boon for your personal or business bottom line.

After all, everything is online. Everything requires automation or technology to run more efficiently. If you want to get ahead, invest in yourself. These nine online learning offerings can help you develop tech expertise in a variety of areas in as little as a weekend.

The Essential SAP eBook Bundle

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SAP is one of the top business computing solutions providers on the market. This 2-eBook bundle introduces you to the SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Projects, and SAP Activate. You’ll discover how to distill your business into technical component parts, understanding how to derive powerful business insights from analytics, manage projects more effectively, and execute on deliverables more efficiently. Whether your company uses SAP or you’re considering moving to it, this bundle will get you on track.

The Complete Salesforce Mastery eBook Bundle

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Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform by a wide margin. This is because it solves many operations problems and makes managing sales funnels easier, but also because it’s extremely customizable. You just have to know how to work with the platform. In this 8-book bundle, you’ll get familiar with Salesforce’s various platforms and discover how to work with each to create streamlined, effective, unique tools that can help your company function. Making Salesforce work for you may just be the single most important thing you do to scale your business.

The Complete Data Scientist eBook Bundle

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Data Scientist has been Glassdoor’s number 1 job in America for three years running. This comprehensive, 10-book bundle will help you break into that job. You’ll delve into different data processes like visualization, computing, and analysis, and explore a variety of programs including Python, R, Bokeh, and much more.

The Complete Learn to Code eBook Bundle

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If you can code a product yourself, you might as well do it, right? Technical CEOs stand to save a lot of money in overhead costs so if you’ve got a great idea, you might as well learn to code it. This 20-book bundle will show you how. You’ll go from beginner to expert in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from web development and GUI building to robotics and machine learning.

The Complete Cybersecurity eBook Bundle

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Cybersecurity is an essential element of every organization. As more and more companies rely on proprietary data, it has become increasingly important to protect that data from hackers. Of course, hackers have also gotten smarter in correlation. As such, the need for cybersecurity experts is as strong as ever. This 5-book bundle will teach you how to protect computers, networks, programs, and data from being compromised.

The Complete Game Developer eBook Bundle

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If you’re tired of your regular, boring old job, what better way to improve your career prospects than by becoming a game developer? With 10 new ebooks, this bundle gets you up to speed with modern game development. You’ll get a walkthrough of the basics, all the way through to advanced aspects of mobile and web game development. Delving into tools like Unity and Qt 5, you’ll leave no stone unturned.

The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle

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Machine learning is responsible for everything from Amazon Alexa’s ability to learn your schedule to Netflix’s recommendation systems, and more and more products are implementing machine learning to become smarter and more convenient. Don’t you think it would be valuable to learn the hottest technology on the market? This 10-book bundle will guide you from a basic to advanced level in machine learning, covering concepts, algorithms, and applications to help guide you forward.

The A to Z Artificial Intelligence eBook Bundle

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Just like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence is growing fast. AI is why so many modern-day machines seem like they can behave like humans. In this 10-book bundle, you’ll get started with AI, learn its aspects and features, and start programming your first applications. As many people worry about losing their jobs to automation, they should be learning how to work with automation.

The Complete Learn to Design eBook Bundle

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Design is a crucial element of any website or mobile app. After all, how can anyone use a product if they can’t figure it out? The best apps and sites have outstanding user experience (UX) and know how to guide users through the product seamlessly. In this 12-book bundle, you’ll cover basic UX principles and learn how to use various design applications to build your own interfaces from scratch. This will be especially handy when it comes time to build your genius app idea!

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