A New Leadership Genre Is Bound To Appear

Automation and robotics are set to take over the functions served by human employees, right from answering phone calls to asset management (the systematic and coordinated processes in the organization that is based on the desired service level and acceptable risks. Asset management suggests a plan for the most value-creating acquisitions, operations, maintenance, replacements, and disposals of shares throughout their lifetime).

Casper von Koskull, the CEO of Nordea Bank Abs, has recently stated that he plans to reorganize and possibly cut down on 6,000 jobs in the group to “structurally bring down cost and increase efficiency.” The company plans to invest heavily in digital services to accomplish their goals for 2019.

Arguably, robots aren’t a terrible option for employers. They’re never sick, and they’re never in a bad mood. They’re equipped to handle mundane routines and undesirable tasks that many of us humans would detest.

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