Adobe brings new Amazon and Google integrations to Magento

It’s only been a few months since Adobe launched its Commerce Cloud, based on its $1.6 billion acquisition of Magento. Today, at its Imagine 2019 conference, the company announced a number of updates to Magento that focus on expanding the platform’s reach for the small- and mid-size businesses that use the service.

When Adobe acquired Magento, many of these smaller companies that use the service worried that Adobe would mostly focus on its existing base of large enterprise customers — the kind of companies that already use its Experience Cloud. Today’s set of the announcements is, in many ways, meant to alleviate these fears.

The two most important pieces of news for Magento users are its new integrations with Amazon and Google.

On the Amazon side, merchants can now automatically manage and maintain their inventory on Amazon right from the Magento backend. They can set pricing rules for the Amazon Sales Channel, manage multiple Amazon brands with multiple Amazon accounts and, in return, get access to Amazon’s product data, too.

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