AI could reduce the tech in your smartphone

The Snapdragon 855 (for smartphones) and Snapdragon 8cx (for PCs) that Qualcomm announced at its Snapdragon Summit last month include big leaps in virtually every significant benchmark such as CPU and GPU performance. But in an age where few smartphone applications push the mobile experience forward, the company showed how AI enhancements can go well beyond the photo quality optimizations that have become widely implemented by leading smartphone vendors.

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The demonstrations — promised to be only a hint of the kinds of wizardry AI can muster — made some of the strongest cases to date about how AI-based computations can enhance the smartphone experience beyond the photo enhancement that has been one of the leading manifestations to date. Indeed, they began with the original cell phone application: Voice calls. By using AI to identify the voice of the speaker, a phone would be able to virtually eliminate any background noise from a call, be it some reserved office chatter or raucous city street noise. This capability extended far beyond that of even today’s best noise cancelling and into the realm of noise elimination.

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