AI Learning Algorithms Find Your New Target Groups

Although artificial intelligence does not replace human marketing teams, it does support employees in controlling campaigns or even in content marketing. In the future, AI could increasingly displace a popular means of expressing branding: emotions.

The AI threat is becoming a different game. Companies have decided to restructure a number of processes to protect against this perceived menace.
One change will be to localize marketing measures, even more, pushing to make the distribution of content production decentralized; accompanying this action by an organic reduction in personnel. Eventually, however, algorithms will replace only part of the marketing efforts.

Although the news about AI has far less impact than previously thought, AI will dramatically change marketing. A recent McKinsey study shows that regarding the various business functions in companies, there is the most significant potential of AI in marketing. It is believed that there will be close to $6 trillion in value-added potential. Interestingly, at present, there’s a minimal number of successful AI applications in marketing.

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