Android P’s final test release is here

Android P just edged one step closer to completion — Google has released the final preview version of its upcoming mobile OS. The beta includes the system behavior you can expect in the completed version on top of the usual bug fixes. There are bound to be small tweaks after this, but it’s otherwise full steam ahead for the finished software’s launch sometime later in the summer.

Android P is one of the more conspicuous updates in recent memory, including a new gesture-based navigation interface, revamped multitasking and a refreshed app launcher. You’ll also get new digital health tools that include app usage tracking, a Do Not Disturb mode to reduce distractions and a Wind Down option that helps you get to sleep. You can also expect improved battery life through smarter app and screen brightness management. And like usual, there’s a plethora of smaller tweaks to functionality.

The big question is when the polished release will reach your specific devices. Google phones are the most likely to get first dibs, but things are a bit different this time around. Android P previews have been available on third-party devices from the outset — you might see it reach a wide range of hardware relatively quickly.

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