Apple is going to end 2018 with a rare product launch miss

Apple never launched AirPower, a product it said would arrive in 2018.

If you’re not familiar, Apple announced a product at its September 2017 iPhone event called “AirPower” that was supposed to let iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods owners wirelessly charge all three devices at the same time. Apple said it would launch in 2018, but it never did.

It’s a rare miss for Apple, which typically has a good track record of following through on product announcements.

During each of its events this year — one in March where it announced new iPads, its developer conference in June, the annual iPhone event in September and a Mac event in October — Apple failed to mention AirPower or its status.

CNBC even tried asking Apple at the iPhone launch this September if it planned to talk about AirPower publicly, but a representative said that the day’s events were only focused on the products discussed on stage — the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR — and not other devices.

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