Apple re-releases HomePod update to avoid bricking speakers

Relax, HomePod owners — it’s now safe to update your speaker again. Apple has re-released the HomePod’s multi-user update (now 13.2.1) to fix the problem that bricked some users’ speakers, particularly after they tried to solve the issue by rebooting their device. You’re still asked to contact Apple Support if your speaker is dead in the water, but everyone else should have personalized responses, audio handoffs with iPhones, relaxing ambient sounds and support for music in HomeKit scenes.

The update is the latest in a string of rapid-fire fixes from Apple, including its sped-up iOS 13.1 release. Other point releases have focused more on adding features, but it clearly hasn’t been the company’s best year from a software standpoint. Something tells us it’s hoping to slow its update pace for the next little while.

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