Are we born leaders?

Glen Allsopp first came up with the brilliant idea for his business sat in his childhood bedroom at home in Newcastle, aged 16. Its rapid success led him to relocate from the UK to Cape Town before he even reached adulthood.

But where does such striking entrepreneurial spirit come from? Genes, parenting and education all likely play a role, but how does your family – especially your brothers and sisters – shape you?

Allsopp, the 30-year-old founder and CEO of detailed.com (an SEO consultancy that’s worked with eight and nine-figure companies), is the youngest of three siblings, and he credits his position in the family with giving him the freedom to be creative and take risks.

“I could see my parents become more open to their kids doing different things as we all went from school and into the job market,” he says. “I had total freedom to quit my part-time job, leave college and essentially start a new life on a different continent.”

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