Are You Ready for Leadership?

“Don’t underestimate the power of a leader,” says Musa Tariq, head of marketing at Airbnb and BoF’s Build Your Dream Career course expert. “As you continue your journey, you have milestones to reach. So, you need to think about what it takes to become a manager.”

In a recent McKinsey & Co survey, over 70 percent of more than 64,000 employees surveyed said they wanted to be promoted. However, less than 50 percent said their manager provides the resources that they need to succeed.

“Part of career growth is very dependent on the managers and leadership you have. It’s important to find people who teach, who can be your coach,” says Tariq, who was appointed to the C-Suite at Ford Motor Company as chief brand officer before the age of 35, following senior leadership roles at Burberry, Nike and Apple. “Having clarity and purpose in your job, knowing that you’re reaching a destination, will provide you with a path and it will give your managers and bosses an example, or an expectation, that you have from your career.”

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