Become Your Company’s Data Wizard With This Excel Course

If you’re looking for a career path that’s rife with possibilities, your search might end with data analysis. Analysts can earn up to six figures, and the number of data analyst positions are projected to balloon in the next seven years.

You’ve got to have more than a head for numbers to land one of these cushy gigs — you’ve also got to know essential software, like Microsoft Excel. The Microsoft Excel Data Analysis & Dashboard Reporting course will prepare you for the rigorous tasks that come with a data analysis career.

Microsoft Certified Trainer Kyle Pew leads this course, teaching you widely sought skills within Excel’s software. You’ll learn how to analyze the large data sets that companies collect every day, then clean them up and prepare them for interactive dashboard reports.

In just three hours of lessons, you’ll cover foundational knowledge about data analysis and reporting. Knowing more about data will help you figure out how to effectively present it, and this class shows you how to marry effective design principles with your newly analyzed info. You’ll find exactly what you need using Excel’s Data Mine features, then streamline everything with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

The Microsoft Excel Data Analysis & Dashboard Reporting course is valued at $200, but you can get a leg up on data analyst skills right now for only $19.99.

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