Being dedicated to yoga isn’t cheap

The average yogi spends $62,640 on yoga in a lifetime, according to new research.A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Eventbrite examined the yoga trends and habits of 2,000 Americans and found dedicated yoga types will shell out just under $90 on yoga a month, or $1,044 across a full year.

In a lifetime, a yogi will shell out $28,800 just on yoga classes and an additional $33,840 on other yoga essentials like apparel, mats and headbands.

The financial cost associated with yoga doesn’t stop there — especially for the growing number of yogis looking for unique experiences. The average yogi is willing to spend $40 on a single, special, one-time yoga experience, while 8 percent of yogis are willing to spend more than $100 on a memorable yoga experience.

But these extravagant costs are worth it for many. Eighty-seven percent of people who have tried yoga are in a better mood when they leave the studio — which is why they keep coming back for more. Of the 2,000 people studied, 62 percent had done yoga at least once in their life. Yogis practice an average of twice per week, while yogis who prefer group classes practice even more often: 16 percent of them practice at least five times a week.

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