Book of the Week: ‘Breakthrough’

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In Breakthrough, business-growth expert and entrepreneur Scott Duffy shares his journey and the aha!moments that led to launching and selling a business to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Duffy also shares the stories of innovators who have turned their ideas into multi-million-dollar businesses, like Shaun White, Tony Robbins, Daymond John and Gary Vaynerchuck to help you:

  • Be a nimble leader who makes quick but smart decisions.
  • Unlock hidden gems in your business with the power of “Why?”
  • Apply growth strategies designed with today’s economy in mind.
  • Build a positive company culture by bringing in the right people.
  • Determine which next step is right for your business after launch.
  • Create sustainability with efficient, effective processes.
  • Learn from your mistakes and turn failures into fortunes

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