Can Pompeo Keep Trump on Track With North Korea

Mike Pompeo will face his greatest test as secretary of state this week, when he accompanies President Trump to a summit meeting with North Korea’s leaders: He must keep Mr. Trump from giving away U.S. leverage on denuclearization while remaining in Mr. Trump’s good graces.

 Vice President Mike Pence is commonly seen around Washington as a mute helpmate to a bombastic president. On foreign soil, he has toyed with the idea of branching out — just not too far.

 Mr. Trump delayed his own deadline to increase tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports, citing “substantial progress” during a week of trade talks in Washington between American and Chinese officials.

Last week, home for the first district workweek of their term, moderate Democrats got to see firsthand how the voices of a small but vocal number of liberal lawmakers are reverberating in far more marginal districts.

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