Career Options in Quality Assurance Management

We are all concerned about quality.Whether it is food or any other service, we need quality everywhere. Quality is important for each and every one of us. A student is concerned about quality education whereas a business person is concerned about quality business while a consumer looks for quality services and products.

In business, engineering, and manufacturing, quality has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something; it’s also defined as being suitable for its intended purpose (fitness for purpose) while satisfying customer expectations. Quality is a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people. Consumers may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. Producers might measure the conformance quality, or degree to which the product/service was produced correctly.

There are many aspects of quality in a business context, though primary it is the idea that the business produces something, whether it be a physical good or a particular service. These goods and/or services and how they are produced involve many types of processes, procedures, equipment, personnel, and investments, which all fall under the quality umbrella

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