Career planning, Marie Kondo-style

Let the sunshine in
It’s really happening, folks. Springtime’s a-comin’. Cherry blossoms are a-blossomin’. And because beauty is pain, allergies are a-brewin’.

Rather than spring cleaning your house this year (honestly, it’s just going to get dirty again in a few days), perhaps consider spring cleaning your career!

What does that mean? Well, we’re not 100 percent sure, as we just made it up. But think of it as a call to take stock of where you’re at professionally and where you want to go next.

Maybe take a cue from the eerily tranquil Marie Kondo and work to change up, toss out or redefine the parts of your career that no longer spark joy. Because ain’t nobody got time to waste on a job they don’t want to fold in thirds and lovingly place in their emotional dresser.

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