Career planning, preparation build effective resume

In his discussion about “How to Build an Effective Resume,” Robert Moore, deputy to the commanding general of Security Assistance Command, told attendees at the Blacks In Government meeting Oct. 18 to focus on what you are currently doing, be the best you can be at doing it, but also have a plan for two, five and 15 years down the road.

Moore explained that building a resume is a lot like planning for a major military operation: you have to prepare to be successful. “You cannot wait until that day you are applying for a job to build your resume,” he said. There are things you need to be doing along the way.

“You first have to get through the human resources review,” he said. “Keep resumes at five pages or less and address the skills that are listed in the job announcement. Write in English; not everyone will understand jargon. Those things will get you referred. If you are selected to be interviewed, that is your opportunity to present yourself and your skills.”

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